Payroll Da Pimp Presents: The Rebirth (Audio Book)

This book does not disappoint. When you wish to sit down, focus and think about some Pimpin, This is it.

The Rebirth is the truth. It is the truth not because Payroll is on the mic, but it's the truth because it is something that I discovered along time ago.When you discover a truth and have others speak independently of that same truth, it reinforces that TRUTH.

The Rebirth is about being reborn. It is about separating yourself from the world and "re-borning" yourself. The audio book takes the form of regular books by first giving you a sort of audio preface/index. It tells you what the book is not about, and then tells you what it is. The telling you of what the book is about, gears you towards receiving the lessons.

The lessons are in order. There is no jumping around. Each track goes towards the next. As those of you who already listen to payroll's show know. He has the gift of gab. He sounds very articulate and delivers with precision. With no monkey bitness in the way, he gets to the point. The soundtracks mixed with the CD is done well, the are where it is suppose to be, and none existent when it needs be. When laid over his voice, it is well done at the correct volume.
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Who is Payroll Da Pimp?

Payroll Da Pimp was born son of a pimp and a prostitute, making his destiny seemed predetermined. He left home at the age of thirteen to begin his life as a street-hustler and, a few years later, his career as a full-time pimp.

Master of his trade, he was called upon to be one of the featured pimps interviewed for the Hughes Brothers' documentary "American Pimp." In 1999, he took a four-year break to attend Portland State University, where he earned a degree in science.

He has since retired from the fast-paced and glamorous life of pimping and currently operates the Pimpin' Radio Network (PRN) broadcasting on the Internet. He now resides in an undisclosed location outside of the United States.

Pimpin' Radio Network - The goal of PRN is to educate men and women about one another and to empower them with the knowledge to take control of their lives. The PRN "Movement" calls for acquiring 5,000 listeners and moving on to satellite radio so the message can be spread globally.
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