Big Sloan

Big Sloan/Lyrical Genius is from Long Beach, California and resides there still today. Sloan began to rap because he used to sit in the music studio and watch his cousins’record. Sloan grew up listening to artists such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Cannibis, Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, and the Wu Tang Clan.

One day LIFE CHANGED when Sloan was shot 5 times back in Long Beach at the corner of 15th and Chestnut. He decided to leave life on the streets of Long Beach selling drugs to do better for self and community. At this time Big Sloan is a health advocate with both exercise and diet after again shifting his life in order to be alive and well and make an impact through personal example.

His great work ethics keeps all doors open within the music industry. Platinum Thug was the first label Big Sloan signed with. In Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 Sloan met Layzie Bone. Instantly they clicked however for 2 years Layzie did not even know Sloan rapped, and the first time he heard Sloan rap he said “It’s On” Ima put you on Mo Thugs, and so he did and still to this day there is a solid link/connection.

Big Sloan has been working non-stop since he began his career in the music business with various Bone Thugs N Harmony/other artists tours as well as his own individual shows. At this point in his career Big Sloan has expanded to working with his own band called 8teen97 and recording his own mixtapes as well as albums. He also is working with Crooked I of Slaghterhouse on a project as well as Long Beach Artists Snoop Dogg/Lion and has fulfilled projects with Warren G and other various artists.

Big Sloan has radio play on Power 106 LA, K-Day 93.5 LA, and Hot 97 NY among them. Music remains the focal point and heartbeat of Big Sloans continued career as he moves to expand and carve his modern day niche in the music/ entertainment business.

Giving back to community is a part of the work for many street soldiers, such as the recent 2014 benefit concert in Manila for victims of the recent Typhoon. This keeps the head in Alignment with Work, and heart in the right place!

Upcoming Projects:
Raidergang Mixtape
Hip Hop/Rock EP with 8teen97
EP with Crooked I from Slaughterhouse
Thug Twinz 2 Album with Layzie Bone

Coming soon: Power 106 hip hop freestyle web series called "Can You Spit It" with

Tours Now: E1999 2015 with Bone Thugs N Harmony, March 2015 Tour with Crooked I

Twitter:, My Space:
Instagram: @iamsloanbone,

Big Sloan