Moving Beyond Princes Death


​I love you all with all my heart, so please dont take none of this the wrong way, but this goes out worldwide but especially to his friends and family and to everybody who has ears that can hear and eyes that can see and minds that are able to process information and read. My only regret in life is to not know much of Prince, his ideas and talents but what I can say is that I love his music and always have.

Moving beyond princes death means to fight for the rights of privacy and intellectual property for artist worldwide. It really should be illegal for another person to have total ownership of other peoples work of creation. We must find our way back to the product and destroy digital media because people livelihoods is at risk and if we don't stand up to do something about it as prince was doing then we forever lose the things that's ours. I don't think enough people know just how deadly and sinister this stuff really is. I will forever keep fighting in this battle among-st the tragedies we face in this life of hell

The people at the top and behind the scenes of the music industry does not care about wealth and worth of princes music catalog as well as his unreleased catalog as much as they care about wanting to destroy his music in order to stop the rise of consciousness in the people of america as well as around the world.

Knowledge of Self and Self Realization is the most powerful thing when it comes to the masses of the people especially in particular when it comes to melanated people in America and to have someone as great as Prince on a legacy level to find knowledge of self is the absolute greatest thing in the world.

Spirituality breaks through the mold of all barriers placed on us in society. Music is something of which is suppose to bring the world together, however knowing all of this is one of the main reasons we as black people are attacked through our music and why so many people seek to control ownership of our material thus limiting the minds of people worldwide as well as the artistry of musicians.

We as a society are too blind to see the clutches of the dark reality we are really living in and the tragedy on the sinister grim reality of it all. Greed and selfishness and unfortunately lust runs us on a global scale and we are not even looking at the damaging affects it causes. Here we are just 1 week after the untimely passing of one of our greatest heroes and people are rushing or lusting after what may be hidden in his vault but no one looks at how society is running and operating right now. Streaming media software businesses and apps are killing the value of musicians artwork on top of out right robbing them from what they are worth while the masses selfishly hoards or consumes it while not caring about the artist being paid or appreciating the value behind it.

I think we are faced with troubling times that is plaguing and robbing us all of our freedom as well as our privacy and sooner or later we will no longer have privacy or the ability to be truly free in the world as long as we have corporations like facebook and youtube owning our thoughts, our photos and memories and our works of creation while they make billions if not trillions of dollars. I see a very dark world here and nothing is safe and we need to do something about it.

As i look and study the footprints left behind from Prince and his fight for the rights of his intellectual property and the importance of its value we are at the edge in our lifetime where we must choose between total outright greed or the destruction of the very thing we say we all love.

Here's what will happen, artist and entertainers knowing all of this and seeing no out will purposely not record or do the very best they can, their talent goes dormant and fans will never know the hidden glorious sides to artist. Im not trying to speculate why prince stored away many of his material but i can understand why.

For everybody trapped in the deadly clutches of the music industry that is seeking to be free, walk away and go independent no matter how much they try to threaten you and no matter how many fear tactics they try to use against you. You are a GOD and you deserve earning whats rightfully yours and it should be illegal for any one else to control your stuff against your will, especially if it does not serve your best interest in life.

I think all of us in society need to stop and think. Because technological conveniences and digital media is destroying the very nature of who we are and artist will not be able to give to the world how they truly feel and what they can really do.

We must return to the actual product and destroy every single living device that is hampering artists and entertainers worldwide. Im here to fight with you all to help you get back whats rightfully yours. God gave you your gifts and God says you should own them and earn every single profit you get from em. Join me in this battle and let me help fight with you until the very end. I will prevail. R.I.P ‪#‎Prince‬ may your honor and legacy continue to live on. I WILL NOT LET THESE DEVILS DESTROY YOUR MAGNIFICENT GLORY!

One question I have to ask myself is would Prince honestly be happy with all his concerts being able to be accessed for free online with sites like youtube after him passing? Views on youtube and other media streaming outlets = Money and with each free play / view that was not allowed by the consent of his company and family you are taking away and stealing from his brand and legacy. How can anybody with a business make money and turn a profit if everything that they do through the means of which they love and in this case Princes Music, how can anybody make a profit from it if everything is ripped and stolen from them and placed online for free?

A packaged bundle box set should be distributed for sell for those who really care. Digital media is destroying artist livelyhoods and families because without money, ultimately unfortunately in this world as it stands today they cannot live or operate. I Am truly saddened and will love to help the friends and family close to Prince keep his honor and legacy alive. please do no disrespect him or go against his wishes. Because without that, unconsciously deep down inside we lose appreciation of the value and on top of it all we lose appreciation of the things that are provided to us for free. I just hope its a situation from the family that they agreed with and not something people have stolen and just did against how people feel because the reality is this, youtube and youtube channel creators make tons of money from other peoples material illegally, this has got to stop.

R.I.P Prince, may your honor and legacy continue to live on forever, Rest In Power. I love you. May God be with all of his family, friends and co-workers of his staff and crew. May you all be safe and healthy as we continue on in this thing called life.

Prince Roger Nelson passed away inside his home at Paisley Park on April 21st, 2016, his cause of death is still unknown.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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